The Endless Possibilities of a Bacon Bowl

This is a bacon bowl.

(Photo Credit: @PerfectBaconBowl/Instagram)

Most people fill it with eggs and call it a day.

(Photo credit: @PerfectBaconBowl/Instagram)

Amateurs. The stuffing possibilities are endless!

Mac and cheese is another no-brainer.

(Photo Credit: @ashleygiffin/Instagram)

Don't worry, just add salad to make it healthy.

(Photo Credit: @PerfectBaconBowl/Instagram)

Or go big with some ice cream.

(Photo Credit: @_jjcbxny/Instagram)

Shrimp scampi never knew it was missing a bacon bowl, but it was.

(Photo Credit: @strawberriesinheels/Instagram)

Bacon bowls are definitely the new burger buns.

(Photo Credit: @paytonayoung/Instagram)

And taco shells.

(Photo Credit: @his_hero_is_gone/Instagram)

Just trust us on this one. Bacon adds a salty kick to cinnamon buns .

(Photo credit: @_jjcbxny/Instagram)

No chips needed for guacamole in a bacon bowl, just break bits off and dip.

(Photo Credit: @bebe8a/Instagram)

There's also oatmeal, kale, buffalo chicken, mashed potatoes and even more bacon with a candle on top!

And may we suggest fried rice, chili, hash browns, kettle corn, carbonara pasta, seven layer dip and more?

Bacon bowls. What American dreams are made of.

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