Man Takes Video Selfies Across 36 Countries in 600 Days

VIDEO: Epic Selfies Around the World

One man captured some amazing moments as he traveled through 36 countries in 600 days, covering a total of 145,926 miles.

Alex Chacon of El Paso, Texas, is on a three-year adventure he's dubbed his "Modern Motorcycle Diaries," capturing it all on a Go-Pro camera fashioned to the end of a stick.

He's recorded his epic selfie-videos all along the way thus far, highlighting a magnificent 360-degree camera angle as he crossed more than 75 borders, perfectly capturing his stops in every major city and exotic place he's visited.

In just less than three minutes, this incredible video highlights his time underwater, forging through the jungle, on mountaintops, in deserts, riding by boat, riding by bus and of course, taking selfies with lions.

On Chacon's website you see an interactive map of his travels from Alaska to Argentina and South Africa to Nepal.

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