Peek Inside the Whimsical World of 'The Numberlys'

VIDEO: Whimsical World of The Numberlys

At first glance, the world of "The Numberlys," William Joyce's children's book set to be released May 27, is rather mundane, boring - even dull. It is the story of a bleak, gray place where only rigid numbers exist.

But when five, charismatic little inhabitants of this "numberly" world decided to put their heads together to figure out a way to liven the place up a bit, refusing to accept that this was all there could be, they ended up creating something extraordinary.

In this preview trailer of the 11-minute short film, Moonbot Studio's has created in conjunction with Joyce's books - the five jaunty heroes break out their hard hats, hammers and glue to begin knocking the numbers down, breaking them into pieces and fragments to then rebuild into something new.

Once they created such a mess and were unsure of their next move, they stand back, take a moment to re-evaluate, and begin thinking outside the box. As they start re-piecing the broken numbers back together, something magical forms, something new and much more vibrant-letters.

One by one, more and more letters begin to take shape until there are 26 in total, transforming their "numberly" world into a brand new colorful, shiny, new one where it even begins to rain jellybeans.

The five characters are elated with their new whimsical world full of colors and even better, books.

The books and short film's goal is to inspire their readers and viewers to remember there is always more to life than shades of black and gray.

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