Unusual-Looking Kitten Resembles a Red Panda

VIDEO: Ginger Zee and Sara Haines with a panda that looks like a kitten.

The Internet was ablaze last week with the adorable photos of these fluffy, black and white "panda dogs," from China. But now a kitten is stealing the panda scene.

While strolling through a pet market in Beijing, China, Vincent Trolley, of www.spotthekitty.com, found this unusual-looking little guy. The kitten, named Marigold, has a multi-colored coat that bears a striking resemblance to a Red panda.

It's hard to miss the striking white, black and reddish-orangish color of Marigold's exotic-looking face.

Trolley's website promotes good pet care and responsible pet ownership, which Marigold is now helping him promote with her unusual looks that have now gone viral.

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