Aging Bulldog Gets Homemade Stair Lift

VIDEO: Aging Bulldog Gets Homemade Stair Lift

Hank the bulldog sure is riding in style.

His owners built this homemade stair lift for their aging pup, who also has a rare heart condition, after noticing he was having trouble getting up and down the stairs on his own.

"It took a couple months of trial and error to build the lift," Brandon Raper, a family friend, told ABC News of the nifty invention.

Hank's owner, Holly DiBin, of North Olmsted, Ohio, isn't exactly sure of the dog's age because he was picked up as a stray in 2012, but believes he's between 7 to 9-years-old.

This adorable video of Hank riding his stair lift, clearly not letting his age or heart condition slow him down, is going viral with nearly 185,000 views on YouTube.

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