'GMA' Dog vs. Dog: Noodles Jumps on Mailboxes, Sweet Sundance Drinks Like a Pro

VIDEO: Noodles the Dog Leaps Onto Mailboxes

The annual "Dog vs. Dog" competition is back on " Good Morning America"! We asked you to send in videos of your dog doing the best, craziest, and most jaw-dropping tricks ever, and now it's up to you to vote on your favorite pooch to take home the title of Top Dog.

In round one, Kona and Happy Jack did their best to win your vote. Kona, an adopted shelter dog from Boulder, Colorado, takes his doggy brother, Joey, out for walks, leading Joey by the leash. ( Click here to watch). Happy Jack, a 5-year-old Lab-Golden mix from Wauconda, Illinois, also a certified disaster relief and therapy dog, can do some serious tricks, from jumping through hoops to running the steeplechase and more. ( Watch him in action here!)

Now, it's between Noodles and Sweet Sundance.

Meet Noodles, the Mailbox-Jumping Dog

The 5 year-old mixed-breed, from Chicago can leap onto tall mailboxes in a single bound!

"While most dogs like to chase postal workers, Noodles really wants to be a mailman when he grows up and shows his special ability to pass the civil service exam here," his owner, Evan Singer, wrote in to "GMA."

Adopted from a shelter at 7 months, Noodle is now a certified therapy dog, who frequently performs at schools and nursing homes in the community spreading cheer.

Meet Sweet Sundance, the Border Collie Who Drinks Just Like a Human

Sweet Sundance, a 2-year-old Border Collie from Chicago, may have better manners than you! The talented disability assistance dog can hold up a cup just like a human and drink from it.

"My dog has exceptional manners and believes that slurping from a bowl is inappropriate!" Lindsey Bonner told "GMA" in her submission.

"With his endless energy and incredible drive to learn new things, he became involved in additional activities including agility, canine musical freestyle, disc dog, dock diving, tricks, and stunts."

Cast Your Vote! So what do you think? Which dog's trick is your favorite?

The winner of today's match-up will be announced Wednesday during "GMA," and Sweet Sundance or Noodles could be headed to New York City to show off their tricks live on "GMA."

Vote for your favorite dog! (Voting runs through 3 p.m. ET on Tuesday, July 1, 2014.)

Vote for your favorite!

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