Little Boy's Heartwarming Back-To-School Video Goes Viral

VIDEO: Welcome Back Video Goes Viral

In just 41 seconds, this little boy's heartwarming welcome back to school is pulling on the heartstrings of Internet users all over the world.

When little Tyler, 4, walked into his pre-kindergarten class for the first time in several days after being out sick with a stomach bug, his dad, Shawn Harris, captured a very special moment on his cell phone camera: the sheer delight and pure excitement of his son's classmates upon his return.

"This video proves that racism is taught," Harris, a comedian, posted on his Facebook page of the little boys and girls of all different races hugging and embracing one another. "These little clips may change the way we think about each other as adults."

The post went wildly viral, garnering nearly 325,000 views on YouTube and more than 112,000 shares on Facebook.

"The comments I'm getting from parents are overwhelming," Harris told ABC News. "They're tearing up from this, it gets them emotional, it brightens their day. People say, 'I watched this video 75 times.'"

One little girl rushes over to give Tyler a big hug and can't help but notice her friend's new, spiffy haircut.

"Tyler! I like your haircut!," she joyfully shouts before wrapping her arms around his neck.

"My eyes got wet while I'm filming it," Harris recalled. "I never expected it to take off like this, but I'm glad people are seeing what I saw."

The adorable clip really speaks to the welcoming nature of children, something that as a father, Harris is proud his son can help reiterate to others.

"We teach our son love," he explained. "He hugs everyone, he's a loveable child. He's so innocent. This video is touching people because there's obviously something missing. When people go crazy for something like this, that means something's missing and there's a craving to see this behavior and I hope it's helping to change the way people think."

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