By Stefanie Tuder

Apr 14, 2014 12:47pm

Is Unlimited Coffee Subscription Service Worth It?

New York City gained access this weekend to an unlimited coffee subscription service that tries to compete with brew giants like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts. CUPS, the Israeli-originated app, currently partners with 40 independent coffee shops across the city to offer unlimited drinks for a… Read More »

By Stefanie Tuder

Apr 11, 2014 2:44pm

Make-Your-Own Sandwich Bar for National Grilled Cheese Day

There’s a holiday for practically every food out there, but this is one we actually want to celebrate. April 12 marks National Grilled Cheese Day, and while a simple American on white is always satisfying, we vote for blowing it out with a sandwich bar… Read More »

By Stefanie Tuder

Apr 11, 2014 12:53pm

Chicago Restaurant Feeding $100 Grilled Cheese to Gimmick-Hungry Guests

Well, more like to one guest. That’s how many people have so far ordered the “Zillion Dollar Grilled Cheese” now being served at deca restaurant at The Ritz Carlton Chicago for $100. If that price offends you, take heart that it comes with lobster mac… Read More »

By Stefanie Tuder

Apr 8, 2014 3:31pm

The Endless Possibilities of a Bacon Bowl

This is a bacon bowl. Most people fill it with eggs and call it a day.   Amateurs. The stuffing possibilities are endless! Mac and cheese is another no-brainer.   Don’t worry, just add salad to make it healthy.   Or go big with some… Read More »

By Stefanie Tuder

Apr 8, 2014 11:57am

The ABC’s of Sandwiches: This One Has Them All

Some compare sandwich making to an art, and Nick Chipman at Dude Foods has taken that instruction pretty seriously. After dreaming up the name “Alphabet Sandwich,” Chipman thought the only appropriate fillings for a sub with that title would be one for every letter of… Read More »

By Stefanie Tuder

Apr 7, 2014 12:43pm

Free Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Tomorrow!

It’s that time of year again! That’s right, Ben & Jerry’s is hosting its annual Free Cone Day and lines are bound to be epic. Held every year since its first anniversary in 1979, Ben & Jerry’s offers one free scoop to all customers to… Read More »

By Stefanie Tuder

Apr 3, 2014 3:24pm

Your New Ice Cream Sandwich Secret Weapon

Hat tip to Questlove for this one: While eating recently at Pok Pok NY in Brooklyn, the “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” musician shared a photo of an incredibly delicious-looking ice cream sandwich. Sure, nothing revolutionary, except this ice cream sandwich has a surprising… Read More »

By Stefanie Tuder

Apr 3, 2014 2:20pm

Ultimate Food for Saturday’s ‘Final Four’ Faceoff

Saturday is promising to be an epic night for basketball fans. With the two Final Four NCAA games back-to-back, you’re going to need plenty of food to fuel you through all that cheering (and, let’s be honest, drinking). GrubHub revealed the most popular delivery orders… Read More »

By ABC News

Apr 3, 2014 9:56am

Study Reveals Marketers’ Powerful Tool in the Cereal Aisle

ABC News’ Mara Schiavocampo and Cameron Brock report: Cartoon characters on cereal boxes could be enticing children in unexpected ways, a new Cornell University study says. The study reveals a possible secret weapon in marketing children’s cereal, where the characters on the box may be… Read More »

By ABC News

Apr 2, 2014 9:51am

‘Hungry Girl’ Shares Tips and Recipes For Healthy Eating In New Book

ABC News’ Abbie Boudreau and Brian O’Keefe report: A heaping plate of chicken alfredo, sweet potato fries, pizza for a snack and even chocolate chip-stuffed strawberries for dessert. Sound like a diet to you? Best-selling author and Food Network “Hungry Girl” Lisa Lillien said it… Read More »