The Day I Learned My Baby Was a Boy

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Oct 13, 2011 6:23pm

My first pregnancy was no piece of cake. Is pregnancy ever a piece of cake?

Yes, I had terrible, unrelenting morning sickness. I had back pain, and swelling, and insomnia, but that wasn’t what made my first pregnancy almost unbearable—it was a “high normal” result on my first trimester screening that sent my otherwise typical pregnancy into complete chaos.

I ended up on a new path that included additional testing, specialists, and enough worry to make any first time mom a complete wreck. I was terrified that my baby may have a serious health issue, and all I could really do was wait and see.

As my pregnancy progressed, and I reached 18 weeks, I was scheduled for a level 2 ultrasound that provides a detailed look at the baby.

I can remember lying back in the chair, and seeing the flickering white-on-black as the ultrasound technician took those crucial measurements.

I sighed relief each time she confirmed that things were looking good, and about halfway through the ultrasound, she asked me and my husband if we would like to know our baby’s gender.

Of course, we couldn’t wait! When she told us that we were having a little boy, it was as if a warm wave of happiness washed over my body. I didn’t realize how much more concrete the pregnancy would feel upon finding out the baby’s sex—it was really just an incredible feeling. A boy, we were having a baby boy, and in that moment, nothing else in the world mattered.

Of course, we told everyone! We were so proud.

On August 3rd, 2009, I gave birth via cesarean to a very stubbornly breech little boy. Our son was born healthy, and not a day goes by that I don’t feel both lucky, and thankful for that.

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I am due to give birth to a second child in December, a little girl this time. Finding out her gender was just as exciting—it is really a profound moment for a parent to learn the gender, it makes it all so much more real.

This pregnancy hasn’t been a piece of cake, either, but I feel so much more grounded this time.

While we never know exactly what to expect when we become pregnant, we can be sure of one thing—the experience will be unique, and we will be forever changed by it.

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My worst pregnancy moment was the 2 weeks I had to wait to tell my husband we were finally pregnant after 2 years of trying. He was “in the field” as it is known in Army lingo or in civilian terms he was on extensive training where I had no contact with him. I about lost my mind those first two weeks, I wanted to share in this joy with someone so badly! When I was finally able to tell him I did so by placing the pregnancy test, a card, a baby name book, and a little teddy bear into a gift bag and giving it to him. He went through everything in the bag and came to the little teddy bear at the bottom when he finally asked, “Are we pregnant?” I squeeled, “yes”, thinking this is the moment where we embrace each other… Nope, he jumped up and down saying, “I want to hug you but I am scared I will squish you!”

With the second child, he was actually the one to tell me! I took a test and had to set it on the counter and to chase after our now 1 and a half year old before I got a chance to see the results. In the meantime my husband snuck into the bathroom, locked the door, and took the world’s longest shower! When he came out he said, “Yeah, we’re pregnant.” I could have smacked him except for the overflowing love I had for him and my growing family at that moment.

Posted by: Jessica | October 14, 2011 3:28 pm

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