Holding My Second Baby For The First Time

While most memories we have of our kids are memories about our oldest child, I decided to dedicate this post to my second child. I only have 2 little girls and I love them equally, but I really wanted to talk about my moments about my now 4 year old. While I was in the hospital ready to deliver all I could think about was my 1st born who was home with a friend. Being as she was not yet 2 and never away from me for a single night you can imagine my dilemma.

The male OB on call in the hospital, the same hospital that I had my first kid in, was not buying that I had contractions. In fact he told me “they’re not that painful”, yeah – I know – the nerve of him. Anyway I went all the way home in pain, cursing him as you can imagine having contractions in a car is no fun. Since I lived a while away from the hospital it was an extra long ride, but I really loved the hospital so I did not budge.

I was home for less that 45 minutes when I knew I had to go in again. This time the doctor said “oh, I see you are dilated, must have just happened” – I know, he was so lucky I had my hands full. Then he asked me if I wanted an epidural, and when I said, “Yes,” he muttered, “I thought so!”

By now I was fuming so much I just whispered to my belly, “Baby, hold on until the next doctor on-call arrives,” as I did not want him delivering her. My baby listened and even though I knew she would be mocked for being an April Fool’s baby, I thought that would be better than not having a wonderful experience.

The next doctor was fabulous and though I had some minor issues, when she was born I felt so confident. She was the perfect addition to the family and I could already imagine the fun days the sisters would have, and it brought memories of mine (all 4 sisters – a party right there, I tell you).

Childbirth is such an incredible moment, and I’d love to know what went through your mind when you held your baby for the first time? By replying, you will be entered to win an exclusive Million Moms Challenge Gift Pack, which includes an iPad2, a custom-made Million Moms Challenge pendant and a $50 donation in your name to Global Giving.

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