Unexpected Deliveries Leave Lasting Impressions

Having been a mother that went through the labor and delivery process twice already, I went into my third (and final) pregnancy with a birth plan that I had memorized and ingrained into my husband should I try to wimp out at some point. I already knew what it was like to deliver in a hospital with an angry staff, a faulty epidural and nearly every intervention possible aside from a c-section. I also knew what it was like to deliver in a hospital with a kind, calm, caring staff and no interventions other than a perfectly placed epidural.

What I hadn’t experienced was a drug-free labor at home with an intervention-free birth in the hospital. That was my dream and my plan for delivery day with the last baby I’d ever give birth to.

However, in the midst of all my planning, I forgot the most important thing about giving birth …. plans were meant to be broken. Babies have their own way of choosing how to make an appearance and that was something I learned the hard way.

Emmaleigh Sue Helen came into this world just hours after my water broke. Even though it was technically her due date, she must have been pretty cozy because labor and contractions never began. Instead, I found myself in the hospital with labor being forced by Pitocin, a drug that causes contractions. It was a decision I regretted just minutes into the first few contractions. They were the most horrendous pains I’d ever felt in my life and so much stronger than natural contractions. Every single bit of my birth plan was thrown out the window at that point and I was heartbroken. Looking back it seems so trivial to be upset about not having the labor and delivery I dreamed of, especially on one of the most miraculous days of my life.

While I may never be able to have the labor and delivery of my dreams, I do have three perfect children that I wouldn’t change for the world.

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