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Nov 7, 2011 4:57pm

When my daughter was placed in my arms, my first thought was finally.

Six years of infertility treatments.

Eighteen months after I lost my twin sons at six months pregnant.


The day my daughter was born was full of drama. I woke up late, groggy from late pregnancy fatigue. My phone rang, waking me up unexpectedly, and my friend Jim said, “Cecily, I just had this overwhelming feeling that I should call you.”

It was a real God moment.

As I surfaced to wakefulness, I realized I was cramping badly. As I stood up out of bed, I felt a horrible sensation and when I looked down I realized that blood was gushing down my legs. Like in a horror movie.

My placenta had abrupted (become detached).

Blessedly, it was a fast drive to the hospital, and less than an hour after Jim called me my daughter was born. Blessedly, 30% of my placenta was still hanging on so my daughter was receiving oxygen and didn’t suffer from cerebral palsey (placental abruption is one of the leading caused of cerebral palsey).

My emergency c-section was very slash and burn, just rushing to get the baby out before she suffered any ill-effects. I was fully anesthetized for the surgery and woke up a couple of hours later alone in a recovery suite, my daughter nowhere in site. It took nearly eight hours after she was born before she was put in my arms.


I held her close, her perfect little body, her perfect little smell, and just loved her. Magically, instantly, intently. It was the most beautiful moment in my life.


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