The Sisterhood of Motherhood

VIDEO: Tina Sharkey, CEO of BabyCenter takes the Million Moms Challenge

by TINA SHARKEY/Chairman and Global President of BabyCenter


I often get asked if I think mothers share a universal joy and regret. Simply stated, a mother’s joy is her children, of course. Even on her most difficult days, most every mom will tell you that her children are the best things that have ever happened to her.

But when asked about regrets, it gets more emotional, more complicated, more varied.

Moms have a universal desire to share, to recycle their knowledge, to pass on their newly acquired and hard-earned wisdom. Many moms give selflessly of themselves to those in need. But so many moms wish they could do more.

We all get so caught up in our busy everyday lives as mothers. Whether we’re shopping for food, taking our kids to school or to the doctor, going to work, finding time for a date night with our partner, or just trying to make it through the day on time with a smile. It takes time to stop and think about moms just like us on the other side of the world, moms who are trying to juggle so many of the same things in more severe and dire circumstances.

The birth of a mother is universal. Whether your child is born in a hut or in a private hospital room, that moment of profound transformation is the same. No matter what language you speak, what personal belief system guides you, or what border surrounds you, at our core, all moms want the exact same thing – a happy and healthy family.

After all, on the inside we are all the same. We all speak the unspoken language of motherhood.

At BabyCenter, our mission is to support, educate, and empower the “tribe” of motherhood. If we can tap into this notion - that it’s the same journey, that the job and the emotion of being a mom is the same from one woman to the next - I believe we can build a network that connects moms around the universality of the motherhood experience.  An empathy network of sorts.  In time, moms will begin to advocate for one another on a larger scale, moving the needle at home and around the world.

With the connection of this tribe comes increased awareness of the needs and disparities that exist today. This awareness leads to greater compassion, which can lead to action, building a network of support, change, and, ultimately, better lives. Women across the globe deserve the same opportunities as everyone else.

BabyCenter currently serves over 25 million families worldwide every month – online and on mobile phones - with a blend of expert advice and connection to other moms through social media. But with four babies now born every second, there are so many more moms that still need this information and support to have healthy pregnancies, babies, and lives.

Through our work with the Million Moms Challenge – and other projects like the Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action (MAMA) – we can continue to amplify our voice, share our expertise, and highlight the needs of an even greater number of families around the world.

So think about your child, the biggest joy in your life. And then think about other moms who are just like you but not as fortunate. Let’s use our wisdom, our knowledge, and our experience to reach out and help moms just like you and me.

After all, we are all members of the same tribe.


Take Action: Team up with BabyCenter and take the Million Moms Challenge by signing up here.  The first 100,000 people who sign on to the Million Moms Challenge, Johnson & Johnson will donate $100,000 to our world-class NGO partners, who are working around the globe to improve the lives of women and children.

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