“Path to 9/11″ Conspiracy Alert!!

Sep 8, 2006 1:44pm

Something seems to have escaped the notice of the many "Path to 9/11" protestors out there: the casting decisions.

While some of the role-playing seems fine and just — Harvey Keitel as the late FBI Agent John O’Neill, for instance — what are we to make of the following?

Reagrdless of what Clinton’s National Security Adviser Sandy Berger does or does not do in the film, what are we to make of the casting of Kevin Dunn as Berger?

blog dunn 060908 Path to 9/11 Conspiracy Alert!!

Dunn may be best known as the obnoxious "Joel" from the 1990 Seinfeld episode "MALE UNBONDING"  where Jerry tries to end a friendship with a childhood pal whom he loathes.

William Cohen, President Clinton’s Secretary of Defense, is being played by Michael Murphy — perhaps best known as the adulterous "Yale" from Woody Allen’s "Manhattan," as well as the bumbling Democratic presidential candidate in the Garry Trudeau/Robert Altman "Tanner" series…

Former counterterrorism czar (and ABC News consultant) Richard Clarke is being played by comic actor Stephen Root — known for his brilliant turns as "Gordon" in "Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story," as as the red-stapler-obsessed "Milton Waddams" in "Office Space"!!!! (To say nothing of his brilliance on "NewsRadio.")

The controversial Barbara Bodine, Ambassador to Yemen, is being played by  Patricia Heaton, the anti-abortion and Terri Schiavo activist/star of "Everybody Loves Raymond"…

The controversial CIA Director George Tenet is being played by the gruff-but-lovable dad from "Wonder Years,"  Dan Lauria…

Vice President Dick Cheney is being played by George R. Robertson …. also known as "Chief Hurst" in the "Police Academy" movies…

blog nkotb 060908 Path to 9/11 Conspiracy Alert!!

Last but not least, the film also includes a turn by Donnie Wahlberg (formerly of the New Kids on the Block, aka NKOTB)….

For the love of God, people, has this world gone mad?  Discuss.

– later

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