Smoke gets in your eyes

By AndrewC

Jan 11, 2007 7:41pm


In the unintended consequences file:

An addendum to the triumphant ( for non smokers ) news the other day that Nancy Pelosi was banning smoking in the common chamber off the House floor. Minority Leader John Boehner of Ohio, himself a veritable chimney of cigarette smoke, shrugged the move off.

Perhaps he didn’t seem to mind because with Boehner’s ascension last month to the top House Republican spot, his real estate improved. He moved from the basement of the Capitol Building, where he was Majority Leader, up to a suite of offices next to the Capitol Rotunda, just a hop and a skip from the House floor.

With Pelosi’s new non smoking rule, Boehner can only smoke in his office –where despite Democratic control of the Congress, he is still king. Situated as it is, next to the rotunda, however, smoke is more frequently seeping from Boehner’s office into that storied chamber, in the most public place in the whole capitol building, amidst the tourguides and the tourists. A case study in the new bipartisanship.

– Z. Byron Wolf

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