Giuliani Laughs Off Milk Gaffe

By Curtis Raye

Apr 14, 2007 5:40pm

ABC News’ Teddy Davis Reports: Rudy Giuliani joked Saturday about his recent
low-balling of the price of gallon of milk while struggling to draw a
metaphor between the market for health care and the market for plasma

"Am I getting the plasma TV’s mixed up the way I did the milk?" asked
Giuliani while speaking to Iowa caucusgoers at Noah’s Ark Restaurant in Des
Moines. "I thought they were asking me about a quart of milk which is all
you can ever fit into a New York refrigerator."

Giuliani was prompted to joke about his milk gaffe when he seemed to
overestimate the degree to which the price of plasma televisions has
declined. He got on the topic of plasma televisions in an effort to explain
his support for a "free market, profit-driven" health-care system.

Giuliani and nine other Republican presidential hopefuls are in the Hawkeye
State to speak to the Iowa Republican Party’s Lincoln Dinner.

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