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May 9, 2007 1:36pm

"Did the general ever state the exact thing that Bush didn’t listen about?" asks Jason. "From my recollections, the military wasn’t questioning going to war, but were questioning the number of troops required."

No, not yet…I have a call into Maj. Gen. Batiste to ask what exactly he’s referring to. Will let you know.
"I will be leaving again soon" for Iraq, writes Cheryl main, "and am proud to serve my country and SEE THE PROGRESS first hand and until you have, I think people need to keep their mouths shut, we have done the right thing there.

The Iraqi people are entitled to the same freedoms we have here and there will be bloodshed just as there was many many years ago here. The media is so full of crap sometimes."

Thanks for your service and best of luck. Not really sure what you’re taking issue with — was reporting the thoughts of a retired Major General who was commander of the 1st infantry in Iraq. Not my own thoughts — his. But God speed.

"You can’t handle the truth" writes: "I think it is time now for the Congress of the United States to tell the solders, and generals that they are no longer taking order from George Bush, or Dick Cheney. That henceforth their order come from the Congress of the United States, and the speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi."

I’m not sure if you’re being serious. But that’s kind of against the constitution.

"Listen up JUST STOP ALL FUNDING," says Stanley Hutchinson. "That’s what ended the Vietnam war, and that’s what it will take to end this one real quick , and bring the troops home. Let the troops run out of bullets, and fuel for the jets for air support…"

He goes on from there…That seems pretty cruel to the US troops, Mr. Hutchinson.

"I think needless propaganda only mucks up the water," says allen. "I believe in their right to voice an opinion just disagree when it purely political"

The two retired Major Generals have been outspokenly critical about the administration’s prosecution of the war before, but you’re right, allen, in that this is the first step I’ve seen them take that is so political, running targeted TV ads aimed at specific Republican Members of Congress.  Interesting that that’s where you draw the line. Why is that?

Lon points out that I accidentally referred to John Boehner as "House Majority Leader" — that’s been corrected, Lon.

Thanks for writing, everyone!

-  jpt

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