Adios, amigo

By Nitya

Jun 29, 2007 9:44am

President Bush came before the cameras to bury the immigration reform bill, not to praise it.

ht bush 070629 blog Adios, amigo Here’s the FREE VIDEO of our story on the controversial bill’s death knell.

In today’s Washington Post, our friend Peter Baker takes a look (LINK) at how, "for a president who makes a point of never giving in, even when he loses, it was a striking moment, underscoring the depth of his political travails."

One place the president CAN claim a legacy is clearly the Supreme Court, where John Roberts and Sam Alito will change the shape of America for years to come.  The splendid Jan Crawford Greenburg takes a look at how Roberts trimmed precedents in her story HERE.

What would you like to see in President Bush’s remaining 570 days in office? What do you think he could get done?

– jpt

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