Edwards Jokes on Leno

By Jennifer Parker

Jun 26, 2007 7:54am

ABC News’ David Muir Reports: Former Senator John Edwards took aim at his own hair fiasco while taping Monday’s  "Tonight Show" on NBC.  Mr. Edwards told Leno he and his wife will again celebrate their anniversary at Wendy’s.

"Well, see, you can’t spend money on food when you’re spending money on haircuts," Mr. Edwards said.

Leno thanked the former Senator for providing "weeks of monologue."

When Leno asked Mrs. Edwards if she "hangs" with the other political spouses like former President Bill Clinton, John Edwards quickly replied, "Be careful."

One of the main political headlines to come from the appearance will likely involve the Edwards’ difference of opinion on gay marriage.  John Edwards told Leno he learned his wife  is pro- gay marriage after reading about it in the newspaper.   

"I’m very strong about ending discrimination against gay and lesbian couples and standing up for their civil rights," Mr. Edwards said.  "But I’m not quite where Elizabeth is yet."

The former North Carolina senator also weighed in on the headlines involving Vice-President Dick Cheney and his refusal to turn over documents to the National Archives citing privacy. 

"He’s refusing to turn over documents because he says he’s not in the Executive branch of government,”  Edwards said.  "If I remember right, Article 2 of the Constitution says the Vice President is part of the Executive (branch) but … it’s just the Constitution."  The audience laughed.

In typical fashion, Elizabeth Edwards was very forthcoming when talking about her cancer, saying her health is fine.  "Actually, I think I look better with cancer than I apparently did without,"  Mrs. Edwards said.  "Everyone keeps saying to me, ‘You look better.’"

While asking Mrs. Edwards if she was surprised her story has garnered so much attention, Leno joked, "You’re as big as Paris Hilton now."  Mrs. Edwards replied,  "without being jailed."

Leno also took note of Mr. Edwards’ return to his "Two Americas speech,"  saying, "I’ve always wondered if John Edwards got drunk, would he see four Americas?"

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