Giuliani on Radio in IA and NH

By Michael Wargo

Jul 23, 2007 12:14pm

ABC News’ Jan Simmonds reports: Today the Giuliani Campaign launched three new radio ads in Iowa and New Hampshire, an apparent sign of his increased commitment to those early primary states.

The ads, entitled "Garbage Can", "Will Do" and "Out of Control", features the voice of a female narrator and Rudy Giuliani himself, discussing his record as Mayor of New York City. For instance, "Out of Control" highlights Giuliani’s efforts in reducing crime, cutting the welfare rolls and cutting taxes.

"My focus when I ran for Mayor of New York City was on the future, and it will be in this campaign. Leadership is about what we can do, what we can accomplish, never taking ‘No’ for an answer," says Giuliani in "Out of Control". "This is all about how America can grow, how America can get stronger, how America can be the country that realizes all the potential we know we have."

Brent Seaborn, Giulaini’s Director of Strategy, believes the adds show that Giuliani is the "true fiscal conservative in this race with the track record to back it up, not just empty rhetoric."

Shortly after Rudy Giuliani decided to enter the race for president, his campaign bought advertisements on conservative talk radio, but these will be his first ads to air exclusively on Iowa and New Hampshire radio stations.

The ads may also be the start of Giuliani’s first media campaign. While the other Republican leader Mitt Romney (R-MA) has had several radio or television ads on the air in Iowa and New Hampshire for several weeks, Giuliani has chosen to stay off the airwaves. But in their announcement to the press today, the campaign noted that the ads are "just the beginning" and that they are "another signal that we are committed to competing in the early states."

To listen to the ad "Garbage Can" click HERE

To listen to the ad "Will Do" click HERE

To listen to the ad "Out of Control" click HERE

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