Reid Flip-Flops on Pizza, Holds Firm on Iraq

Jul 18, 2007 4:00am

ABC News’ Z. Byron Wolf reports: The Iraq debate on the Senate floor is serious and weighty.

But Democratic Senators are really are getting into the spirit of their all-night filibuster buster behind the scenes too. Earlier, they had cots delivered to a room just off the Senate floor to take naps mid-debate. Just now, the pizza arrived. Call it a little college-cram-style fuel for the anti-surge debate team.

This despite the fact that Harry Reid declared to reporters just yesterday that Senators would not be ordering out pizza for their all-night session.

A reporter asked Reid: "Mr. Leader, aside from staying in session the whole — the next 48 hours or so, how will you dramatize this?  Will we have cots in the hall, constant pizza box deliveries?  How will the American people know, if they’re watching the floor, what…"

REID interupted the reporter:  "I personally don’t like pizza, so that won’t be a part of the deal. We are going to have votes during the night.  We’re not going to let everybody go home and have a good night’s rest.  We feel that this is important enough that we have votes during the night.  And we will have some votes."

More than 30 boxes of Al’s pizza, a local DC purveyor of pies, were wheeled into the Capitol Building just before 6pm by two pages and a gray plastic cart.

The pages declined to provide any slices to the reporters who watched them wheel on by, past the senate floor and into the Democratic cloak room, where Democrats were set to dine before setting to their debate in earnest. Needless to say the reporters were "hungry" for the story.

The normally august corridor just off the Senate floor had odeur de pepperoni and mozerella cheese.

For Reid (and any other anti-pizza, anti-surge senators in the Democratic ranks), there were two aluminun pans covered with tin foil. Salad? Lasagne? A mystery for the ages.

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