Sitting on the benchmarks

Jul 12, 2007 10:05am

As required by Congress in the Iraq funding bill, President Bush reports on the progress (or lack thereof) the Iraqi government has made. He’s hoping to stave off further GOP erosion of support, the Republican defectors whom House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, deemed "wimps" yesterday in a closed-door meeting.

It’s unclear how "wimpy" any of these Republicans are willing to go…as of now it seems unlikely that the 49 Democrats voting to bring US troops home will be joined by sufficient Republicans to reach the magic number 60.

One question I have yet to hear answered by the Democrats — what happens if we withdraw? Do they think it likely that Iraq will become stable? That a civil war will spiral into a larger regional conflict? That the US may have to invade once again due to concerns both geopolitical and economic (read: fossil fuels)?

I’ve tried to ask this, but generally all you get is the glib line repeated by Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, that "there are no good options in Iraq. There are just bad options and worse options."ht obama 070710 blog Sitting on the benchmarks

Of course that’s true, but which is the worse option? And shouldn’t we avoid it, whatever it is?

Speaking of Obama, as a member of the Senate Health Committee, he may be at today’s confirmation hearing of the controversial surgeon general nominee Dr. Jim Holsinger. Read more on that HERE.

Should make some interesting C-SPAN viewing…..

– jpt

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