The Gay debate

Jul 27, 2007 3:17pm

In what may be just an opening salvo, the conservative group "Americans for Truth" is attacking the Democratic presidential debate to focus on gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues hosted by the Human Rights Campaign…(LINK).

The debate (LINK) to be held at 9 pm EST August 9 in Los Angeles, and broadcast on Viacom’s "gay" cable TV network, LOGO as well as live streaming video at

Americans for Truth is a small, long-dormant organization based in Naperville, Illinois, that says it seeks to confront "the homosexual activist agenda."  But I suspect this is hardly the last criticism we will hear from the Right about this debate.

"Pardon our dismissive tone, but homosexual behavior is wrong — at least half the country still regards it as such," the group writes. "So why does the homosexual lobby get its own special presidential lovefest … er, debate? Because the Democratic Party has sold its soul on homosexuality. And we fear some in the Republican Party are rushing to catch up. The ‘gay presidential debate’ is so wrong on so many levels. The country is still divided on homosexuality — despite the media’s best efforts – yet all the questions presumably will come from ardently pro-’gay’ advocates — that is, proud, practicing homosexuals."

On the other hand, debates are hosted all the time by interest groups — the NAACP, the South Carolina Republican Party, Jewish and Catholic organizations, unions, Chambers of Commerce.

Does the fact that gay and lesbian issues remain quite controversial preclude a liberal gay and lesbian organization hosting a debate?  It will be interesting to see how other conservative organizations respond to this debate — will the RNC take a position? And how about the Republican presidential candidates?


– jt

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