Coulter vs Edwards, Round Three

Aug 24, 2007 2:16pm

ABC’s Raelyn Johnson reports: Presidential contender Sen. John Edwards (D-NC) and conservative commentator Ann Coulter may not like each other, but apparently they still listen to each other. 

Last week, Edwards called Coulter a ‘she-devil’ during an event in Burlington, Iowa in which he railed against the right-wing media. He reminded the crowd that his wife stood up to Coulter in a public spat earlier this summer.

"We know these people. We know their game plan. They’re going to attack us personally," said Edwards.  "They attacked Elizabeth personally, because she stood up to that she-devil Ann Coulter. … I should not have name-called. But the truth is — forget the names — people like Ann Coulter, they engage in hateful language."

And Coulter responded Thursday on Fox news, saying, “I think being called a she-devil by a trial lawyer is meant as a compliment. I thank him for that.”

She continued, “But I just want to take, you know, the opportunity with this show to say, "No, John, I will not date you.”

For those keeping score, Coulter currently has the last word. But they’re both winners here.  Each battle means potentially increased books sales for Coulter, as well as an increase for Edwards’ customized campaign fundraising appeal for“Coulter Cash.”

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