Anti-War Ad Targets Democratic Congressman

By Jennifer Parker

Aug 29, 2007 1:01pm

ABC News’ Jake Tapper reports: A Democratic congressman who recently changed his position on the Iraq war is the target of a new television ad by the anti-war group MoveOn.Org.

MoveOn will air the ad in Democratic Representative Brian Baird’s district in Washington State, accusing him of a "flip-flop" on the Iraq war.

Baird voted against the war in 2003 but recently returned from a trip to Iraq earlier this month arguing President Bush’s troop surge plan is showing signs of progress.

"I’m saying as a Democrat, who thinks this war was a terrible mistake, that we need to seriously rethink our strategy," Baird said of Democrats in Congress in this week’s ABC "Shuffle" podcast.

"Just saying you want it to stop doesn’t mean that the sectarian violence will stop, it doesn’t mean that the instability won’t spread, and it doesn’t even mean even if you wanted to that you could immediately withdraw the troops," Baird said.

"I’m so fed up with the politics," Baird said on the podcast, "When I came out with this position I certainly didn’t ask my pollsters or my political consultants, I just asked my conscience and my best understanding of the truth on the ground."

The anti-war group announced Wednesday they will roll out the ads in Baird’s home state by the end of the week.

" Political Action Committee is sponsoring the ad to call attention to the congressman’s decision to go against the views of his constituents, and his previous voting record, to support President Bush’s failed policy in Iraq," Nita Chaudhary of Political Action said in a statement.

"Voters don’t want to continue down a failed path. They want representatives who will stand up to President Bush’s reckless policy and bring our troops home," she said.

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