Clinton and Grisham Talk Baseball

By Jake Whitman

Sep 24, 2007 2:28am

ABC’s Eloise Harper Reports: A Time to Kill, The Firm, The Pelican Brief, are all famous novels by author John Grisham, but in Charlottesville, Virginia, it was less about the books, and more about Hillary Clinton. At a Town Hall Meeting, Clinton told Grisham she did read his books – but denied reading the many books that are written about her.

Grisham is supporting Hillary Clinton in her run for the presidency. He mentioned that other politicians had called for similar support. “We get a lot of calls” said Grisham “John Edwards called, and we gave him Stephen King’s phone number.”

Clinton, after revealing Grisham is a distant relative of President Clinton’s, said to the audience “run for president you will find relatives you never knew you had.” She also revealed she was “happy when (she) found out through some genealogist that there was somebody who had actually done well in life.” The renowned author inquired about possible ambassador positions around the world – Clinton said she would add him to the list.

There was some playful sparring between the two about their favorite baseball teams. Clinton who is a fan of the Chicago Cubs and New York Yankees called Grisham’s support of the St. Louis Cardinals “a very lonely position.” Clinton explained that her support of her two favorite teams to be a great psychological insight into me; I know the press is always trying to figure me out.” She expressed her frustration with the speculation that she only supported the Yankees for political reasons. “I rarely respond to criticism I figure there is so much of it” Clinton said, “but this was personal.”

Clinton was asked if she would consider Senator Obama to be her Vice President. Clinton said she didn’t want to “jinx it” but said she would give it serious thought.

The thousand person fundraiser was one of several Clinton attended in Virginia. Clinton has spent some time campaigning there, despite it not being one of the early primary states.

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