Clinton Plays 20 Questions with Bush

By Lindsey Ellerson

Sep 6, 2007 1:27pm

ABC News’ Eloise Harper and David Chalian Report: Though Sen. Clinton has come a long way in assuaging early concerns among many Democrats about her positions on the Iraq war, it is never a welcome week in Clinton land when the Iraq issue is the dominant political narrative.  Iraq will be exactly that next week when General David Petraeus and U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker go before Congress to deliver the Administration’s progress report.  Sen. Clinton is hoping to get ahead of the crush of reactions from presidential candidates by trying to set some of the terms of the debate.

Clinton is playing 20 questions with President Bush. The presidential hopeful has sent the president a list of questions that she hopes will be addressed when he prepares the report to be presented before Congress next week.

"In the wake of your recent trip to Iraq and as your Administration prepares to submit its Congressionally-mandated report on progress in Iraq by September 15, it is important that the American people have an accurate perception of the situation in Iraq," writes Clinton.

The questions range from Iraqi National Police to the detrimental impact of the war on the readiness of the Army and Marines. Clinton hopes these questions are addressed and presumably answered next week.

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