Giuliani: Clinton Health Care Plan is a “Clear March Toward Socialized Medicine”

Sep 17, 2007 5:51pm

ABC News’ Sunlen Miller Reports: Rudy Giuliani joined the ranks of candidates running for president quick to jump on Sen Hillary Clinton’s D-N.Y., universal health care plan, unveiled today.

The former mayor of New York commented to reporters in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida that the plan was " essentially the Michael Moore-Hillary Clinton approach which is let’s see if we can build socialized medicine. " Giuliani reacted to the requirement under Clinton’s plan that everyone should have health insurance saying, "The idea that you are going to mandate people and command them to have health insurance immediately begins to increase the cost of insurance and decrease quality. "

Calling the details of Senator Clinton’s plan "still sketchy", Giuliani questioned how enforcement of that requirement would be put into place, "Is there going to be a tax, a fine, a penalty?"

Offering his own plan Giuliani countered, "Let’s not have Hillary Care or Hillary in charge of our health care…..My approach is to encourage people to buy their own health insurance and we’d give them a big tax deduction if they do that. Create incentives for people who buy health insurance, don’t command them to do that."

The mayors plan would give people a 15,000 tax deduction to purchase their own insurance. Anything leftover they would keep as part of a health savings account

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