Dodd Family Moving to Iowa

By Jennifer Parker

Oct 19, 2007 4:41pm

ABC News’ Donna Hunter Reports: The Dodd Family is packing their bags and moving to Iowa.

With little more than two months left before the Iowa caucuses, presidential hopeful Senator Chris Dodd, D-Conn., along with his wife, Jackie Clegg Dodd, and their two daughters, Grace, 6, and Christina, 2, are all moving into a rental home in Des Moines, Iowa in the months leading up to the Iowa caucus vote.

The Senator’s wife explained the move, saying she believes this race will not be won by TV ads alone, but by one-on-one time with voters.

"We want our family to be together as we talk to as many caucus-goers across Iowa as possible — to talk about why Chris is running for President and what separates him from the field," she said.

"Chris and I believe this election won’t be won on TV. It will be won around kitchen tables, in firehouses, at backyard cookouts, by neighbors knocking on doors. It will be won face-to-face."

Dodd’s Iowa Press Secretary Taylor West said the move will enable more face-to-face time with early caucus voters, and argued it will strengthen Dodd’s organizational efforts in Iowa and show how committed they are to the state.

"Iowa is a state won by organization and presents, that’s why we are building the staff. Going into the home stretch of the caucus you have to have the structure in place to bring it home and by having the family here we can keep that effort gong," West said. 

The move goes hand in hand with the recent restructuring of campaign staff. A few weeks ago, the campaign expanded its senior leadership team, increased the size of its field team, and opened three new field offices in Iowa.

The family move reinforces the fact that for the Dodd campaign it could very well be do or die in Iowa. Dodd has conceded publicly in the past that if he doesn’t come in first, second, or third in the Iowa caucus or the New Hampshire primary — his campaign for president is pretty much over.

Of course, the New Hampshire primary comes shortly after the Iowa vote, and the Senator has paid the $1000 price tag to put his name on the New Hampshire primary ballot. So are the Dodd’s eyeing a home in New Hampshire too? Only time will tell. 

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