Mitt Romney Invokes Lewinsky Scandal

By Jennifer Parker

Oct 25, 2007 3:42pm

ABC News’ Matt Stuart Reports: When Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney was asked at a campaign stop in Hooksett, N.H. about family values and the controversial program in Maine to distribute birth control to middle schoolers, he could have gone to his usual response, arguing that people get married before they have children.

Instead, at a picturesque house on Stirling Avenue, Romney’s answer went straight at the Clinton White House. 

"Well there’s no question in my view that one of the ways you instill family values is by having the White House be a place that demonstrates family values," Romney said. 

In a clear reference to the Monica Lewinsky scandal during President Clinton’s term in office, Romney continued, "And… I think during the last Clinton presidency the White House did not demonstrate that in a way that was helpful to our nation’s culture."

Romney didn’t stop there, arguing that "you’re gonna be under a microscope and at least during the time you’re in the White House you ought to live by a high standard, because the world is looking at you, you’re representing not only yourself but your country.  And the kids of America are looking at you."

Sen. Hillary Clinton’s Communications chief Howard Wolson responded to the comments in a statement to ABC News, saying "Hillary Clinton needs no lessons on character from a man who switches his positions on a daily basis."

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