Paul Wants a Slice of the ‘Real Republican’ Pie

By Jennifer Parker

Oct 19, 2007 11:37am

ABC News’ Z. Byron Wolf Reports: He’s a little bit late for the storyline in the greater campaign narrative, but Rep. Ron Paul< R-Tex., is on the air in early primary states with an aggressive radio ad to convince voters he should get a piece of the "Real Republican" pie.

In his radio ad, Paul implicitly attacks each of the front runners. Like an ad the campaign released last week, this one never overtly mentions his opposition to the war in Iraq, instead saying that Paul is against "nationbuilding," which he suggests is "Bill Clinton’s policy."

But where last week’s ad focused on Ron Paul’s biography, this one focuses on his opponents.

Narrator: "What do these so-called Republican frontrunners for President support? Amnesty for illegal aliens like liberals? Out of control spending like the Democrats? Nationbuilding overseas? Wasn’t that Bill Clinton’s policy? Flip flopping on the issues? What’s Republican about any of that? The Real Republican is Ron Paul."

Paul: The Republicans are losing because they are not keeping their promise to end big government at home and nationbuilding overseas. My record is different.

Narrator: "Yes, Ron Paul’s record is different. Ron Paul has never voted for a tax increase or an unbalanced budget. Ron Paul voted against amnesty for illegal aliens. Ron Paul voted against nationbuilding overseas. Ron Paul follows the Constitution. Not the lawyers, not the lobbyists, not the latest poll.

Other Republicans candidates have been sparring over who can lay claim to the mantle of late.

The Paul campaign goes even further in a statement accompanying the ad. Campaign manager Lew Moore pointed directly to the flaws of each of the frontrunners.

"Mitt Romney sponsored a program to force every Massachusetts citizen to buy health insurance. John McCain voted against tax cuts, but for amnesty for illegal aliens. That doesn’t sound very Republican to me. If Republicans do not return to our principles, we will lose the White House next year. Ron Paul is the only candidate in this race that has consistently stood for traditional Republican principles of life, liberty, balanced budgets, limited government and a strong national defense. And, only a Real Republican can beat Hillary Clinton next year."

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