Pro-Abortion Rights Giuliani Courting Whole-life Brownback

Oct 25, 2007 6:03pm

ABC News’ Z. Byron Wolf Reports: Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani paid his respects to former presidential candidate Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kans., at Brownback’s Capitol Hill office today.

Giuliani, who is pro-abortion rights and does not support changing abortion law, was courting support from Brownback, who had run as the "not just pro life, but whole life" candidate.

When the two appeared before television cameras after meeting for more than an hour, Brownback clarified first that he would not be endorsing Giuliani today and that he will "meet with any of the candidates."

Brownback said he and Giuliani talked about "the important issues of life and marriage, the core issues."

Asked if Giuliani had put his concerns on the abortion issue to rest, Brownback said that he now has "much more confidence" in Giuliani after what he told Brownback how he would act as President when it comes to funding government programs and making judicial appointments.

Asked by a reporter if it would ultimately be hypocritical for him to support Giuliani, who is pro-life, Brownback repeated that he was "more comfortable," and that he didn’t really think Giuliani would consider himself pro-life. "But you’ll have to ask him" how he would characterize himself.

"Mr. Mayor, what are you?" a reporter asked Giuliani, who was standing next to Brownback.

"Well I’ve explained my position before," he said. "I oppose abortion and I would like to live in a society without abortion, I think you have to get there by changing peoples minds and hearts. I’m not in favor of changing the law as it currently exists. But I am in favor of everything else you can do" Giuliani said. He went on to discuss how he would appoint "conservative judges." And that’s the big difference, he said, between life under Giuliani and life under Hillary Clinton.

On conspiracy to have him whacked:

As he was leaving, Giuliani was asked about the revelation during the trial of a disgraced FBI gent a that mob bosses considered trying to have him whacked when they met in 1986. You can read about it Here.

Giuliani said he doesn’t remember that particular attempt on his life, but in his public live there have been others. At least three.

"I remember when I was US Attorney several times, two? Three? When the FBI was concerned. I remember the first one getting resolved. The one that just came up I don’t remember. I remember the Albanian one that was resolved. I think that was directed at my assistants but I could have been involved in that. An I remember one that was right toward the end. So there was more than one. But the FBI always did a really good job getting it resolved."

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