White House Curbs Gore Enthusiasm

By Nitya

Oct 12, 2007 10:55am

ABC News’ Ann Compton Reports: In its first reaction to news of the American win of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, White House spokesman Tony Fratto couldn’t bring himself to say the word "congratulations" but his statement on Al Gore did praise the thousands of scientists who review data for the UN International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the body jointly awarded the Nobel prize with the former vice president.

"Of course [Bush is] happy for Vice President Gore and happy for the international panel on climate change scientists who also shared the peace prize," Fratto said,  "Obviously, it’s an important recognition and we’re sure the vice president is thrilled.

Fratto continued: "Obviously, Vice President Gore has helped bring attention to climate change. The IPCC scientists have done remarkable work to bring scientific rigor to the questions surrounding climate change."

Deputy Press Secretary Fratto then played spoiler, adding that the most difficult step will be doing something about global warming.

Fratto outlined the "next step" as "implementing climate change strategies that are effective and practical and that allow for continued economic development and for countries to do the work they need to do to lift people out of poverty. And that’s a challenging task."

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