Clinton Drops Cash in South Carolina

Nov 27, 2007 7:34pm

ABC News’ Eloise Harper Reports: After donating $100,000 to the Marion Wright Edelman Library in South Carolina, (money given from the Clinton Family Foundation) – Sen. Hillary Clinton unveiled a new plan to assist urban schools. Clinton announced she would invest more than $1 billion "in programs that identify and support at-risk youth, provide early intervention, fund small schools with intensive personalized instruction, and recruit and train excellent teachers and principals in hard-to-serve area" according to a statement provided by the campaign.

Clinton would pay for it by closing corporate tax loopholes.

After taking a tour of the Bennettsville Middle School with local educators and parents, along the famous "Corridor of Shame" in Bennettsville, South Carolina, Clinton remarked about the snakes that students have found in their classrooms. "I can not tell you what I would have done had I been a 6th or 7th grade girl and saw a snake in my classroom I would still be running."

Clinton also hinted that President Bush stole the phrase "No Child Left Behind" from a group she chaired. "I chaired the board of the Children’s Defense fund for a number for years" Clinton said "and one of the things we did was work hard to come up with the very best slogan we could get in order to describe our mission. So we came up with leave no child behind. So imagine my surprise when I heard president bush when he was running for president start talking about "No Child Left Behind."

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