More on Romney and Adam and Eve

By Jennifer Parker

Nov 12, 2007 12:00pm

After GOPer Mitt Romney joked over the weekend that Adam and Eve looked promiscuous, I asked whether his humor was based in some part on his faith.

Ryan Bell, an LDS church member and Romney supporter who blogs over at writes me today, saying:

"Just wanted to answer the question you posed in your post about Romney’s comment on Adam and Eve. 

"No, there is nothing in the Book of Mormon or any other Mormon doctrine or belief that posits that Adam and Eve were promiscuous.

"In fact, this is a little ironic, given that Mormons have a much more favorable view of Adam and Eve than most Christians.  Where many Christians believe that Adam and Eve’s sin was sexual, Mormons affirmatively reject this as unsubstantiated sensationalism.  Further, Mormons believe that the expulsion from the Garden was somewhat foreordained, so that while Adam and Eve’s act was a "transgression" (a violation of God’s law), it was not properly a "sin") (a violation of God’s law made with knowledge of the wrongfulness of the act and against God’s will). 

"In other words, rather than seeing Adam and Eve as promiscuous, Mormons view them as quite the opposite- wise fore-parents worthy of great respect.

"Hope that clear that up for you.  Yes, write this one off to customarily awful ‘Dad humor.’"

- jt

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