Biden’s Purple Appeal

By Jennifer Parker

Dec 31, 2007 7:34am

ABC News’ Brian Wheeler reports: Senator Joe Biden’s campaign is passing out purple bracelets of the Live Strong variety, only these say ‘I Agree With Joe’ and on the other side — ‘Biden 2008.’

Just about every cause these days has a bracelet.  But Biden’s purple color selection is a calculated part of the argument he has been making on the trail that he is best suited to appeal to a divided electorate as well as a divided Congress.

As he campaigns Biden has argued Iowans should caucus for him because, he says, he can neutralize the bipartisan rancor in Washington, D.C., and the country at large.

The Delaware Senator has taken to asking audiences for example which candidate will be able to compete in more red states, or which candidate as president will be able "to bring 15 Republicans on board for a national health care policy."

In a similar vein, Biden appeals to Iowans who ask about immigration by saying illegal immigrants must "demonstrate they had a job, were paying taxes, paying into social security, and they had to learn English."

Wolf Blitzer asked Biden Sunday morning on CNN what he thought of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s bipartisan conference to plan a "unity" government, as reported in the Washington Post. "If I win this nomination there will be no need for them to have that conference. They’re reacting to the concern that one of the three leaders may get the nomination knowing that will spark a bitter, bitter fight."

Biden went on to say, "if I were nominated as the Democrat, or Chris Dodd for that matter, you would see the boiling point lower a great deal. We both have long records of cooperating with Republicans without yielding one bit on our principles."

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