Dropping Oppo, 2

By Jennifer Parker

Dec 11, 2007 7:45am

Political Punch has gotten a copy of the new anti-Obama literature about health care policy that Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, is dropping in New Hampshire.

See the positive side of the flier pertaining to her HERE which promises "HEALTH CARE FOR EVERY AMERICAN" and says "HILLARY CLINTON. THE ONLY CANDIDATE READY TO LEAD."

(Really? No one else is ready to lead? No one? John McCain isn’t ready to lead? Joe Biden and Chris Dodd?)

… And see the negative side pertaining to Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, HERE where you will see highlighted: "incompleteness … wouldn’t cover everyone … wrong on policy … weakness … make him sound like Rudy Giuliani …"

Clinton started going negative a few weeks ago when her poll numbers started faltering and after her "politics of pile-on" victimology went over as well as New Coke.  So she started going after Obama’s character.

Now her target is Obama’s character and leadership as seen through the health care debate.

You may quibble with the substance of the debate, and as we’ve covered in this blog, there are questions to ask both of Clinton and Obama when it comes to their claims about their plans.

What many will clearly find very interesting is the fact that almost all the attacks on Obama from the Clinton lit are from New York Times columnist Paul Krugman.

Krugman has gone after Obama’s proposals on health care and Social Security rather pointedly…

And in response Obama’s campaign has gone so far as to FACT CHECK him.

This has not endeared some in the liberal blogosphere such as Ezra Klein who wrote, "When I argued that the (Obama) campaign should take the gloves off, I really didn’t expect their target, in this document and in the health care fight more generally, would be progressivism. What in hell is going on over there?"

I dunno, but Hillary sure likes it. She’s plastering Krugman all over the Granite state!

I wonder if Obama will respond with lit garnished with quotes from Maureen Dowd and Frank Rich?

– jpt

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