Huckabee Fights Back on Multiple Fronts

Dec 15, 2007 7:36pm

ABC News’ Kevin Chupka reports: It was a busy news day for the Huckabee campaign. From criticism out of camp Romney on his foreign policy and labeling him a Democrat, to Iowa mailers from Fred Thompson picking apart his tax and immigration plans, to the McCain campaign accusing Huckabee supporters of push polling in New Hampshire, Huckabee had many questions to answer at a media availability this evening in Littleton, New Hampshire.

Huckabee referred to a campaign release as his comment about Mitt Romney’s accusations. In the release from campaign director of research Joe Carter, Huckabee is quoted as saying "I am disappointed by Governor Romney’s attempt to label me as a "Democrat" because of my tough approach to foreign policy…Perhaps he should read the article in its entirety before making such ill-informed comments."

As for Sen. Thompson’s mailers, Huckabee referred to the Christmas season saying, "At the time of year when people typically go to the mailbox to get really nice greetings of Christmas cheer from their friends, it’s really pathetic that some campaigns have nothing else to do with their campaign money than to fill mailboxes with poison and really with anything but good cheer."

Huckabee continued to take a very strong stand against push polling, assuring reporters that he has asked for an investigation by the New Hampshire state attorney general into the negative calls. "Anybody who is doing this is probably must be doing it for another campaign, not mine, maybe trying to blame me for it" Huckabee said, "I have nothing but the utmost respect for Senator McCain. He’s a true American hero, he’s an outstanding individual and I can assure you I would never be party to any kind of attack upon him. "

Huckabee vehemently denied any connection to the group purportedly behind the calls, "Common Sense Issues."

Also of note from Huckabee, ever the storyteller, was a new element in his stump speech. He told the story of learning to steer an Olympic-style bobsled several years ago. During his tutorial, the 16-year-old instructor told Huckabee to "steer for the curve ahead." "The ice behind me can’t hurt me anymore…steer for the curve ahead," Huckabee recalled. Perhaps we witnessed a new campaign theme, but the context is just as interesting. With allegations of being soft on crime, suggesting AIDS patients be quarantined, and an oft questioned tax record from his tenure as Arkansas governor, Huckabee seems to be wanting to move forward, to "steer for the curve ahead" rather than worrying about his record.

Unfortunately for him, voters and rivals may not see things the same way as his record continues to be the focus of more than one opposition research team.

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