I Know Who Huckabee Is, But Who Is Dodd?

Dec 30, 2007 11:32am

ABC News’ Donna Hunter reports: In Sioux Falls Iowa, Senator Chris Dodd stood before a café packed wall to wall with fire fighters and members of the community to plead his case and ask for what he’s calling a ticket into New Hampshire, but first he has to make it out of Iowa.

It’s become all too common for the Senator to hear the words "You’re just not that well known", but oh how the tides have changed. The Senator now responds, "Who would have heard of Mike Huckabee about 12 weeks ago but a bunch of Iowans decided that he was important…all of a sudden people were paying attention to someone they were not paying attention to before." And that is just the sort of attention that Dodd is in need of right about now.

As he used Governor Huckabee’s surge in the polls and the national media’s spotlight as inspiration, he also used Huckabee as an example of a politician with limited experience when it comes to international affairs. "We can’t afford a President who needs a briefing on hotspots around the world," said Dodd in response to an aide of the governor telling CNN that the campaign needed to brief Huckabee on the situation in Pakistan.

Dodd didn’t end the discussion on Pakistan with Huckabee. He went on to respectfully profess his opposition to the governor on his side of the fence — Bill Richardson. "Richardson said President Musharraf should leave Pakistan, but what comes after President Musharraf? How can you possibly call for someone to leave when you got radical fundamentalists who may very well be in control of nuclear weapons and could cause us great danger," said Dodd.

Over the next five days the senator and International Association of Fire Fighter President Harold Schaitberger plan on rallying up as many fire fighters as possible to caucus for Dodd on January 3rd. Schaitberger says they’re currently expecting at least 800 fire fighters to come out in support of the senator and they will each bring along five non-union friends. For those fire fighters who are scheduled to work caucus night, they can participate in an exchange program where they will be able to swap shifts with those who aren’t caucusing.

Aren’t caucusing? Isn’t that against the law in Iowa?

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