Mitt & Moroni

By Rick Levinson

Dec 7, 2007 8:55pm

Because I know this blog has at least one atheist reader (I’m talking to you, DKNY), here’s an interesting take on the Mitt Romney faith speech from the inimitable atheist Christopher Hitchens, author of God Is Not Great.

It’s quite a skeptical take, so recent LDS readers would do well to avoid reading further in this post.

Writes Hitch of Mitt: "Would he expect a Scientologist to be able to avoid questions about L. Ron Hubbard? Does the governor of Massachusetts who publicly tried for mob applause by demanding that we "double Guantanamo" (whatever that meant) add that the detainees must not be asked what branch of Islam they favor? If an atheist was running against him, would Romney make nothing of the fact? His stupid unease on this point is shown by his demagogic attack on the straw man "religion of secularism," when, actually, his main and most cynical critic is a moon-faced true believer and anti-Darwin pulpit-puncher from Arkansas who doesn’t seem to know the difference between being born again and born yesterday."

Anyway, enjoy. To this blog’s Jewish readers, Happy Hanukkah. To all others — have a great weekend!

– jt

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