Obama Boasts of Being “ahead of the curve” on Foreign Relations

By Jake Whitman

Dec 20, 2007 11:18pm

ABC News’ Sunlen Miller reports: Barack Obama told a group of New Hampshire voters that he was "ahead of the curve" in relation to President George Bush on foreign relations.

The assertion came while Obama was defending his stance to talk enemies of the United States, as well as friends, a major different arisen between himself and his top opponent, Hillary Clinton.

But now Obama is dragging the president into the fray.

"Now I’m glad to see, now suddenly George Bush is writing letters to Kim Jung Ill, and North Korea," Obama told Exeter residents, "So maybe I’m six months or nine months ahead of the curve. And I will keep on making these arguments and maybe other folks will decide they make sense."

Obama, often viewed as inexperienced, especially on the topic of foreign policy, boasted that he stood by his opinion that the US should talk to enemies, an opinion that gained him much criticism and questioning.

"When I first said that there were these gasps and a bunch of the pundits wrote that this was a terrible gaffe and Hillary really put him in his place and this and that. And then they were shocked when I said the same thing the next day, and a week later, and two weeks later,” Obama relished.

Obama regularly points out on the campaign trail that this is a major difference he has with Senator Clinton.

"I may not change their minds, but it sends a signal to the world that we see military action as a last resort, not a first resort, and that actually strengthens our ability to influence world affairs and make us safer."

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