One Day in the Metrics of Mitt

By Jennifer Parker

Dec 20, 2007 10:09am

ABC News’ John Berman Reports: Today, I am taking the measure of Mitt Romney as he campaigns through Iowa, counting stuff that he does at his different events.

The 1st event of the day in Indianola, IA:
-60 people in audience
-30 members of media
-7 video cameras
-16 minutes.  He gave a 16 minute opening speech
-5 concrete proposals. (within the 16 minute speech he offered what could be considered 5 specific proposals about something he would do in office … I do not count something vague like "strengthen the family" as a proposal.) They were:

–add 100,000 troops to military
–eliminate death tax
–eliminate taxes on savings for people making less than 200,000
–enact line-item veto
–allow all medical expenses deducted from taxes …

-3 Christmas stories.  He told 3 separate stories about his family at Christmas.  They were:
–how he used to ice skate on a pond and play hockey
–how took his kids skiing to a condo
–how his family once brought  fire wood to a needy woman

–1 mention of Mike Huckabee (saying Huckabee was wrong to criticize Bush foreign policy)
–1 mention of Hillary Clinton (saying Hillary treated Gen. David Petraeus poorly)

–17 minutes of questions from voters in crowd
–4 questions.  He took 4 questions in the "Ask Mitt Anything" portion of the event.  Apparently the "anything" part of "Ask Mitt Anything," is a little limited.

–4 minutes handshaking with voters at end of event

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