Radio Host Swipes at Clinton During Thompson Event

By Lindsay Hamilton

Dec 1, 2007 5:56pm

ABC News’ Christine Byun reports: While warming up the crowd for a Fred Thompson rally, a former Los Angeles AM radio host took a swipe at Hillary Clinton just a day after a man took staffers hostage in her Rochester, N.H. field office.

"Some nut job broke in there, took hostages and apparently threatened to blow himself up unless he got a chance to speak to Hillary. Now, I found this rather odd because I always feel like blowing myself up after hearing Hillary Clinton speak," John Ziegler said. The audience laughed and applauded.

Ziegler quickly added, "By the way, the opinions expressed during this portion of the presentation are not necessarily those of Fred Thompson, the Fred Thompson campaign or anyone affiliated in the Republican party."

Later, GOP hopeful Fred Thompson took the stage and talked about his stance on national security and tax reform before a crowd of 300 supporters in Laguna Woods, California.

Thompson — who spent Saturday fundraising in Southern California – received warm support from the crowd, even when he mistakenly said "death penalty" when speaking about one of his tax proposal’s main thrusts: repealing the death tax.

"We ought to retain all those tax cuts and we ought to get rid of the death penalty while we’re doing it," Thompson said, as the audience applauded despite the gaffe.

He then corrected himself by saying he meant "the death tax, of course."

"We need to apply the death penalty to those who would…" Thompson said, trailing off as the audience again laughed, adding, "But, you knew what I was talking about." 

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