Say what?

By Jennifer Parker

Dec 17, 2007 11:49am

Say what? #1

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews to Clinton adviser Mark Penn last week:  "Did you tell him to step down?"

Mark Penn: "No, he stepped down."

Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, on MSNBC today:  "We asked him to step down. He’s not part of our campaign."

Say what? #2

Obama senior adviser David Axelrod this week on how John Edwards is new to the issue of lobbying reform, as opposed to Obama who worked on the Senate ethics reform bill.

Axelrod: "I can’t think of one thing like that, that Senator Edwards did in the Senate."

Then-Edwards senior adviser David Axelrod on CNN, March 2004:  "Washington is run by the special interests today … John Edwards ran headlong into it when he led the fight for the patients bill of rights against the insurance industry in the Senate. He has never taken a dime from lobbyists or PACs. He said, let’s ban lobbyist money, so you can’t give people a bill to pass in the day and a check at night. And that’s how we’re going to start changing the culture in Washington. But you have to be able to do that. That’s a fundamental difference between these candidates. Senator (John) Kerry accepts that lobbyist money. And we’re trying to change that."

– jpt

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