Thompson Mailer: Huckabee University: Illegals Welcome

Dec 12, 2007 6:56pm

ABC News Christine Byun Reports: While Fred Thompson didn’t attack Republican rival Mike Huckabee today on the debate stage, Iowa residents will be getting a new mail brochure from the former Senator’s campaign which questions his rival’s stance on immigration.

The new mailer looks like an advertisement for higher learning, with the phrase, "Huckabee University, Illegals Welcome, US citizens need not apply" against a backdrop of a scholarly-looking building. It also claims, "Huckabee talks like a Republican, but governs like a Democrat," and says the Arkansas governor "championed an effort … to give in-state tuition at state colleges and taxpayer-funded scholarships to illegal immigrants."

It also accuses Huckabee of being against "legislation to require proof of citizenship in order to obtain public benefits and to vote."

This is the second flier the Thompson campaign has sent assailing Huckabee in Iowa in the past two weeks. Both fliers show a theme of Thompson’s camp likening Huckabee to Democrats.

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