A Glimpse into 36 Hours in New Hampshire

By Michael Elmore

Jan 7, 2008 9:47am

ABC News’ Raelyn Johnson Reports: Reporters who covered former Sen. John Edwards’, D-NC, 36 hour marathon of campaigning through Iowa were a bit nervous about getting on another bus to do the same jig in the granite state.

Consider the fact that reporters were trapped on a bus, with no power and therefore limited resources to file, barely any time to eat–oh there’s that issue of not sleeping or showering.

Then everyone realized–you can’t nice these people to death (guess who that came from). The complaints came rolling in after Iowa and this is the outcome:

Reporters are currently sitting in the Goddard Mansion in Claremont, New Hampshire, noshing on breakfast souffles, fresh fruit and coffee.

Some are sitting around the bevy of outlets, juicing their equipment. Others are in the library, resting and reading.

A gentleman staying at the hotel came downstairs to get coffee. He was wearing a Hillary sticker and apparently, it was just too early for Joe Trippi to spot it.

"This hurts a little," said Trippi.

"Joe Pippen?" said the gentlemen honestly, trying to identify Trippi.

On the misidentification, Trippi quipped to reporters, "That explains some sort of brain malfunction in that campaign."

Mark Johnson from the Charlotte Observer played a little "Linus and Lucy" on the piano.

Trippi wouldn’t be outdone.

He played "Talking Old Soldiers" and sang along.

Trippi’s son, 19 year old Jim heard his father playing in the other room.  When father asked son for a critique on his singing, son said, "Oh, I thought that was a dog."

Campaign manager Jonathan Prince, who’s been riding with the press van on several legs of the tour, is eating oat meal, saying he’s fired up, ready to go, in it to win it–and clearly wondering if he can speak in catch phrases for the remainder of the day.

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