Amid Strong Florida Attendance Numbers, Rudy Camp Touts Organizational Strength

By Lee Speigel

Jan 14, 2008 9:20pm

ABC News’ Jan Simmonds reports: While polls in the past few days have shown Rudy Giuliani tied or slightly behind his Republican opponents in Florida, the crowds he has been drawing here would seem to be sending a different message. 

While small, compared to the crowds Democrats — like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton — have consistently drawn throughout the country, these Florida Giuliani events have shown a much larger turnout than those he has ever been able to draw elsewhere. 

While these numbers may be difficult to quantify, they do seem to be a shining light in these relatively dark days. 

To respond to those poll numbers, the Giuliani campaign brought forth their strategy director, Brent Seaborn, to talk to the press about how the campaign was seeing things in the Sunshine State.

“Obviously, you’d always rather be ahead than behind in these things, but considering we’re in the toughest part of our schedule, we always knew when we built this strategy, that Iowa and New Hampshire would be the hard part for us,” Seaborn said to reporters on a moving press bus. 

Hardened by their organization and ability to campaign here without opposition, while the other Republicans battle it out in Michigan and South Carolina, Seaborn said that their hard work and duplication of the efforts of past Bush campaigns would pay off. 

“A lot of us on this campaign have learned a lot of politics and get-out-the-vote strategies from the Bush-Cheney-Mehlman-Rove machine, and we’re replicating all those things,” said Seaborn. “They work great, we’ve seen them work great in Florida in the past.”

He went on to add that when “the circus finally comes to town,” their campaign’s efforts would have built a “pretty strong base” to put them in a position for victory.

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