Bubba & Jesse Jackson, Part II

By Jaketapper

Jan 27, 2008 8:43am

You can watch Clinton’s out-of-nowhere mention of Jesse Jackson, when asked about Obama by ABC News’ David Wright, HERE  courtesy of Talking Points Memo.

Some other Democrats who won the South Carolina primary, whom Bill Clinton curiously didn’t mention:

John Edwards, beating John Kerry, in 2004.

Al Gore, beating Bill Bradley, in 2000.

Bill Clinton, beating Paul Tsongas, in 1992.

Dick Morris may have a spotty record as a pundit, but he knows the Clintons pretty well. Two weeks ago he wrote in his blog that the "race for the Democratic presidential nomination will be about race. The essential Clinton argument will be that Obama cannot win because he is black. The attack will be cloaked in seemingly innocuous rhetoric and code words will abound, but the fact will remain that the Clintons will be telling Democrats: Don’t take a chance on an African American nominee."

Bill Clinton is a brilliant man whose words are carefully chosen and who’s often thinking ten moves ahead on the political chess board.

A son of the South, Clinton may have a strong record on civil rights issues as the NAACP sees it, but he is no stranger to racial code, having introduced "Sister Souljah moment" into the political lexicon by chastising a little-known female rapper who’d made some idiotic comments as well as her host at a Rainbow Coalition Conference, none other than Jesse Jackson.

Clinton’s "Machiavellian maneuver," Jackson said at the time was intended "purely to appeal to conservative whites by containing Jackson and isolating Jackson."

Interestingly, the one group of Americans that was there for Clinton during his impeachment were African-Americans.

”People would say, ‘Take care of the President, take care of my man,’ ” civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis, D-Georgia,(who is endorsing Hillary Clinton this year) said in 1998. ”They don’t want to see him resign. They don’t want to see him impeached. They just want us to leave him alone because there’s this deep feeling in the black community that this President has been there for us.”

- jpt

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