Edwards Touts Underdog Status

By Hanna Siegel

Jan 5, 2008 10:32am

ABC’s Raelyn Johnson and Sarah Amos Report: Senator John Edwards has often criticized the media’s ’08 election coverage saying the spotlight is shined brighter on his opponents, Senator Clinton and Senator Obama. "There is no doubt who the underdog candidate in New Hampshire is," said Edwards during a rally in downtown Portsmouth Saturday.

But having finished second in the Iowa cacuses, he’s now playing up his "underdog" status with the New Hampshire Primary just days away.

It was a small yet boisterous crowd who stood in Market Square to hear the candidate who has steadily trailed Clinton and Obama in New Hampshire polls. "Our underdog status in this campaign is nothing compared to the underdog status of the middle class in America," said Edwards. "When you’re out knocking on doors, when you’re making these phone calls this is a cause and a grassroots movement to lift up the middle class to lift up working families."

Edwards went on to advocate for universal healthcare, smart trade agreements that protect the working class, and a way out of the Iraq war. But he acknowledged he had a lot of ground to cover in New Hampshire. "We are going to have to show strength, resilience…and we’re going to push our way through all the money that’s being spent by other campaigns."

When asked about Edwards’ comments fellow Democratic candidate Gov. Bill Richardson, who has also been touting himself as the underdog candidate of New Hampshire, said, "I’ve noticed Senator Edwards takes everything from me, he’s taken my Iraq position, he’s taken my position on education, on healthcare, now he’s calling himself what I call myself the underdog I don’t know what’s next, pretty soon he’ll be saying he’s governor of New Mexico."

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