Giuliani Moves to Put ‘Almost Everything’ in Florida

By Nitya

Jan 11, 2008 4:28pm

ABC News’ Jan Simmonds reports:  Rudy Giuliani told the press this afternoon his campaign has plenty of money, despite the decision of some staffers to forgo their salaries this month.

"Well some people volunteered to do it.  We didn’t ask anyone to do it.  They volunteered to do it because they want to stretch out the money," Giuliani told reporters following a Town Hall in Coral Springs, Florida.  "We have quite a bit of money and they wanted to make sure we had even more money at the end of this situation in Florida.  So that we could have, I guess, that we had enough on the air or whatever."

He was later asked if he thought his campaign would have enough funds remaining after the Florida Primary on January 29th to compete on February 5th’s Super Tuesday.

"Yeah, we’ll have some," noted Giuliani.  "But frankly Florida is really important to us, so we are gonna put if not everything into Florida, almost everything."

The former New York Mayor also was questioned about his former Finance Chair Roy Bailey. ABC News reported earlier today has left his position with the campaign to return to the private sector and his position with Giuliani Partners.

"People shift around all the time and they do different things," Giuliani said about Bailey. 

He also added that it was his understanding that no one "has really decided to leave" adding that he thought "people have shifted responsibilities including in this decision".

Giuliani then turned to a staffer for guidance who said "Roy has not left in any capacity."  Following the presser the campaign came back and said that they had misspoke, again confirming that Bailed had indeed left the campaign. 

Campaign sources say that Giuliani and Bailey remain close personal friends and that that other issues, such as travel demands, were the primary reason for his stepping down.  They add that the decision was not in regard to the campaign’s ability to raise funds. 

Still with his campaign in some flux, Giuliani remained steadfast that he and his campaign were acting fiscally conservative.

"We don’t have any debt.  We don’t have any liabilities of any kind," said Giuliani.  "We got a good deal of money in the bank.  Probably more than just about any campaign.  And this was an effort to even stretch dollars further…We are probably one of the most fiscally conservative campaigns and certainly on the Republican side."

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